Happy Summer!!!

Stars, stripes, Shingo!!!
Have a blast on your summer "horiday"!!!

Fan Fiction - Ha ga itai
Title: Ha ga itiai
Characters: SMAP
Rating: G
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me
SMAP members react when Shingo has a toothache

Story bheind the cutCollapse )

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Fan Fiction - Nothing to Fear
Title:            Nothing to Fear
Characters: Shingo, Kimura, Nakai
Rating:        G
Disclaimer:  These characters do not belong to me.
Inspired by a dokkiri played on Shingo & Kimura. You can download it here http://smapxmedia.livejournal.com/95512.html

Story behind the cutCollapse )

Fan Fiction: Hajimete no Chuu
Title:                   Hajimete no Chuu
Pairing:               TakuGoro
Rating:                PG
Disclaimer:         These characters don't belong to me
A smapXsmap set triggers a memory for Kimura and Goro.

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